7 Triggers That Will Generate Profit from Your Contents

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As your Blog evolves and grows, so does your content, it does not have to be hard.  You just need to understand the methodology.

1. Start with 100% Unique Content Posts (POSTS ONLY)

  • 6-8 Posts spread over the first 3 weeks of a new blog’s life
  • Content must be Researched and Valid
  • Content must be of High Value and Niche/SEO Targeted (See Step 2 of the SEO Matrix Course)
  • Content Must Invoke Mental Triggers

Types of Post Content: (examples)

  • How to Articles (explain How to Accomplish a Task)
  • Lists (Top 10 Reasons…, 5 Tricks for Accomplishing…, etc)
  • Product Reviews
  • Series (groups of related articles posted back to back over a specific time period focused on one core niche subject)
  • Solve a Problem, give an opinion, have a solution (could be a How to article)
  • Interview an Known Authority in Your Niche and Create a Post about it.
  • Do a Case Study with Examples and Data
  • Do Video Tutorials, Reviews, or Opinion Related Videos and create Posts around them. (Use Screenr or Jing for Free)
  • Always add at least 1 Image to each Post (see Google Images, iStockPhoto, etc)

2.  Create Guides or Resource Pages (PAGES)

  • Begin after 30 days preferably.  Can start earlier if enough Post Content has been produced.
  • Create these Guides from Posts you have already created.
  • Can use High Value Content from other sites in Your Niche (must reference and link back to it)
  • Prefer to create without sidebars or other distractions on Page if your Blog Theme supports it.
  • Must Have a Strong Title (Can be a Top 10 List, Preferred to be called something like:  The Ultimate Guide to Snowboarding)
  • Must have a Headline
  • Must have an Image (you can even design one specifically for it using Gimp or Photoshop)
  • Use Social Triggers to entice people to the resource in the opening Paragraph.
  • Must include an Optin Form after the opening paragraph
  • Must use descriptions.  Not just a list of links. Make it more content heavy and keyword driven copy.
  • If the Guide is long, add an Optin Form at the end of the page as well.
  • All Optin Forms must be low key and unobtrusive.

3.  Landing Pages/ Option Pages (to gain subscribers to your Blog and mailing list for email affiliate promotions)

  • Can add to the Blog right away.
  • Create the Pages using Landing.FM so the theme is not touched.
  • Offer an Ebook, New Content, a Video Course, ECourse, etc. to entice people to Optin
  • Keep it simple.  The more you add to Optin Pages  beyond the main message the less they convert.
  • Link to it on your Home Page and in Your Sidebar at the top of your Blog’s Pages/Sidebar.

Brand yourself and stand behind your content.  Have an opinion and stick to it.  Do not be afraid to admit you are wrong.  Have your Facts straight and do not make any bold, unsubstantiated claims, always propose a solution when talking about a problem.

Use your Content Research as a way to Network with others in your Niche.  Ask questions without links.  Engage without asking for anyone to see your sites.  Establishing relationships and Networking are keys to long term success and profits.


The Mental Triggers which make people interact and share your content via Social Media and subscribe to your RSS Feed and Mailing list.

  • Awe – Something Inspiring
  • Anger/ Conflict – Not always the best Trigger to use, but Controversy sells
  • Anxiety – How to Avoid Anxiety or Solve Problems
  • Fear – Solving someone’s Fear of Loss
  • Lust – Sex sells, but Lust isn’t about Sex, it is also about general Male/Female relations
  • Joy – Making someone genuinely happy is a great Trigger (using comedy to highlight a problem and a solution can be a great mix)
  • Surprise – Making people think you have discovered something New is a great way to Trigger more interaction

Sales Triggers for Blogs

  • Authority – Throughout Profit.FM we tell you how important Authority is, here you can see it is one of the most common Sales Triggers.  Authority invokes a sense of Trust which will make people click and buy from you.
  • Community – Your Authority will keep them coming back to your blog, ultimately allowing you to build a Community on your site via Commenting and Social Media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc)
  • Reciprocity – When people trust you and they feel a sense of Community with you, ultimately they feel the need to reciprocate by buying from you or clicking on the links you ask them to click on.  The feel an obligation via the other Triggers you have invoked with them.  Reciprocity is one of the strongest and most natural Sales Triggers.
  • Anticipation – When you have established all of the above Triggers, eventually your Community will Anticipate everything you do.  The will be waiting for it and anxious to get it.  People will click and buy blindly when they have reached this point with you and your Blog.
  • Scarcity – While Scarcity (limited or no availability or access) wasn’t mentioned in the Video above, it is still a very important Sales Trigger. By keeping some of your Content “Just for Subscribers/ Members” you can make people feel that they only way they can get content is to act right away. Scarcity can be used in numerous ways.


  • For Amazon.com:  ReviewAZON
  • For Ebay:  phpBay
  • Best All Around Monetization Service & Plugin:  Datafeedr
  • BANNER ADS – 5% OF YOUR BLOG PROFITS (Google Adsense)
  • COST PER ACTION ADS (CPA) ADS (The best place to get started with CPA Offers is:  OfferVault.com)


The Profit Marketer basic formula remains the same throughout the Membership.  The key is understanding that everything can be made better, tweaked, changed, and adjusted to perform better or modified for different markets or situations.  All in all, the Profit Formula will always remain the same.  Once Your base blog has been constructed, it will be time to move into fine tuning it and getting it noticed.  While the Core has been constructed, it is now time to understand how to take this Blog to Success.


The Profit Formula begins with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  In the The SEO Matrix we went over a large number of items which affect SEO.  This does not have to be perfect by any means, but by following the Core SEO Plan of Action, you can enhance your ability to Rank for the Keywords you have chosen.


Everyone says Content is King.  That has never been more true than now and it will only become more critical as time goes on.  Google, Bing, and other Search Engines are classifying your Content as soon as you publish it and it will be rated, scrutinized, and commented on long after it is published.  Without Value, your chances of success dwindles.  You must focus on the long term and realize that everything you do or write, can and will be associated with YOU.  What you write today will be looked at on your Resume 5 and 10 years from now.  As content becomes more searchable and Social Media Integration allows for your personal comments to be indexed, everything you associate with yourself can be looked at and you must be ready for this.  Moving forward, understand that the better your Content is and the more Value it represents; the more Money you will make over the long term.  Do not allow short term gains to cloud your Integrity because the long term impacts could hurt you more than help.


Even though building backlinks is a part of the SEO process, it is critical to you ranking in the Search Engines and as a means for people to find your Blogs outside of Search as well.  Using things like Banners, Partner Paid Links, and other Traffic Generation promotions which are outlined in the SEO Matrix; you can expect a bigger return on your investment.  Search Engine placement alone is not always the answer and working towards success with any site includes integrating Multiple Traffic Generation and Promotion Techniques.


Now, Social Media is one of the most important avenues for gaining visibility for your Blogs than ever before.  As we talked about in the SEO Matrix, Social Media Signals on your blog are as important as what you input on your Social Media accounts.  It is a 2 way street.  You need to use Social Media accounts yourself and you need your Visitors to Interact with your Blog content with their Social Media Accounts as well.  These Signals can and will enable increased interaction on your sites and allow for increase cross promotions and profits from everything you do.  Social Media and Social Media Signals are now one of the more important aspects of SEO and Traffic and they cannot be ignored.


Not all Mailing List Providers are created equal, but we have a host of experience in using mailing lists and the following Providers are well tested and highly recommended:


Here at Profit.FM we use GetResponse for our main Mailing lists.  Getresponse is a very reliable Mailing list provider which has a host of features which make it easy to manage Your Subscribers, Newsletters, and More.  The number #1 selling point for Getresponse is the Price.  GR is one of the lower priced Mailing List Providers available online.


Aweber has a host of features which compares and goes beyond Getresponse (although there are reports of continual deliverability issues with Aweber from other well known Marketers).  While we use GR here, You can note that Aweber is the Industry Leading mailing list provider and it has more advanced integration features than GR does (including its New Facebook Mailing list builder).  The price of Aweber is slightly more than Getresponse.


One of the most powerful solutions for creating Mailing lists, Mailchimp has a host of excellent features which make it comparable in features with the 2 providers above, yet it falls short in some small ways which will only effect Advanced users.  A first rate provider, the one thing which sets MailChimp apart is it powerful API.  Currently Mailchimp boasts more direct Integration into 3rd Party APPs than any other Mailing list provider.


More than just an Autoresponder or Mailing List service, AllContact also provides SMS, Voice, and CD/DVD services to make them an all in one Multimedia delivery service.  By clicking the link here you can also get a 30 Day Free Trial via allContact as well.

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