Content : The Foundation of Business Internet Marketing

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Any small business’ internet marketing strategy needs time to take full effect apart from the pre-implementation phase. But all this, relies on one fundamental idea: content.

If you’re running a small startup regardless of concentration: service or product based, it all boils down to how well you put your site’s content to engage customers, gain their trust and make them spread the word afterward.

Want to know the major types of content that a budding entrepreneur like yourself can optimize to spell success for your website’s online marketing effort? Check the outline below.

1. Graphic

Be it moving or not (a classic jpeg vs gif drama), pictures share more stories than any 100 or 10 word copy to entice customers, say on a landing page. You can write all you want and be effective all you want while doing it but without corresponding images, the whole copy will turn out short and bland.

Why do you even think companies need a logo? It’s where the brand lies and awareness of it makes the company shine.

Best recommended for: businesses that deal with artwork, crafts and anything related to food

2. Written/Text

There should be balance in anything. With pictures and letters to correspond, you’ve got a great post going in your site. Online marketing for small businesses can’t start the whole idea of marketing without this kind of content at all. Search engines love useful and relevant written content.

Put some nicely written blog posts in there and you’d sure earn not Google’s ire but respect; and it shows in the SERPs as well. Some popular written types of content: interviews, eBooks and news.
Best recommended for: Firms on law, consultancy and accountancy

3. Video

Small businesses thriving with internet marketing ideas must never overlook the power of videos. YouTube, as one of the most omnipresent platforms nowadays can readily give you access to instantly promote your own videos. Videos can explain so much in mere minutes more than any written and graphic content combined. And the chances of it going viral (given the right formula) is plausibly higher.

Best recommended for: video production studios, outsourcing company, training company (sports or fitness)

4. Audio

Before the advent of graphic and video, your grandparents have already been used to audio advertising. Good news, it still works even in the most advance of technologies being introduced by the minute. Podcast and audio companion for an eBook are still hit today. And probably will be for the next century or so.

Best recommended for: band websites, recording company, media outfit (online radio company) or download site

5. Social

You can classify this under the written content category but its reach is by far unprecedented. Social media has stirred revolutions, privacy breach issues and even impacted search engine algorithms (SEO junkies, you know what this entails!). Writing content for social media must include all of the content listed above for it to be effective so you can call this the new grand daddy of content; enveloping everything at once.

Best recommended for: Every business! Surpised? Don’t be. One out of four people in the world’s population owns a social media account so having a Facebook or Twitter page for your business can actually help.

Toying with the idea of internet marketing for a small business can be a tough call on the get go but knowing which type of content and when to fuse them can give you an edge, early on the race. Lesson learned: Content is not just king, it is also the foundation of all online marketing.

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