Social Bookmarking Bits and Pieces


Receiving important information from a website link can be easily stored in a web browser as bookmarks. One can even create folder to contain links of the same topic. However, as more sub-categories are needed for every single topic, link management via web browser will become so deeply nested. Locating a desired link will now become inefficient. The problem will become worse when subscribing to news feeds and e-mail newsletters to several highly specific subjects. In addition, bookmarking via web browser is not that portable because you can only access to these links using the same computer you have saved them. This problem leads to the creation of a very portable, website-based tool known as social bookmarking. Public websites offering this kind of tool in the world wide web are called social bookmarking sites.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a process of storing website links in a social bookmarking site using keywords as tags to categorize and manage closely-related information. Just as bookmarking is intended to save a website address containing specific topic for future purposes, social bookmarking provides a way to store them in a special way using any website offering bookmarking tool. In this way, the user can designate specific tag relating to a number of relevant links. In addition, the user also has the option to share such information to other social bookmarking subscribers or making it private. In a social bookmarking site, the user can also get updated with latest tags being added as well as frequently searched tags to have a quick access on links that may be useful for him.

Who Should be Using Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is ideal for people working on a specific field of expertise. In every area of discipline, there may still come up a number of sub-categories or topics. Social bookmarking let everyone manage every link designating them using certain tags. So whenever one is subscribing to news feeds and email newsletter, he can just simply bookmark the news link and tag them with a number of keywords. Some social bookmarking sites are also intended for news like Slashdot, dig, and Yahoo! Buzz while others are intended for photo and video-sharing bookmarks. In case one wanted to share some of his bookmarked sites, he can simply tell anyone to key in the tags he has designated for such links. Needless to say, everyone can participate in social bookmarking to accumulate resource links on certain topics with the intention of sharing them to fellow subscribers.

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Top 8 Most Common Link Building Strategies

There are quite a number of link building strategies where any link builder could innovate, invent, combine, and experiment. However, spamming in any of these strategies is highly discouraged, otherwise, website’s ranking would significantly drop or it may not find any of the search engine listings. High quality link building always depends on the Pagerank (PR) value of the websites linking to one’s won website. So regardless of any of the following strategies one is opting to, the higher the Pagerank the better.

Article Writing

Whether the target website being optimized is quite old or new, article writing is the most indispensable strategy to get one’s site being noticed. Besides, search engines love fresh and informative contents. Article directories EzineArticles, GoArticles, iSnare, etc. are far more often being crawled by search engine robots because of this. Whenever one’s site is being linked to any of these articles being crawled, the spiders will also spook there also. In this way, as article directories are being crawled, then so does your site.

Blogging/Blog Comments

Blogging is the most common free link building strategy where a link builder/blogger can freely write anything about a particular topic and hyperlink certain keywords to a target site. While article submissions take time because of webmaster’s moderation, blogging can supplement content-based link building to the target site on a regular basis. Some comments on a particular blog also encourage discussions among bloggers on a keyword of interest subject to blogger’s moderation. It is always preferable to comment on frequently updated and high PR blogs using keyword-based hyperlink so spiders more likely notify one’s site.

Press Releases

This content-based link building technique is used to propagate same message about a target keyword linking to a target website. There are a number of websites, free and paid, where one can instantly broadcast the same information over a number of websites fed by press releases. There is also greater chance of gaining inbound links in a shorter period of time. Through press releases, company websites can also present to marketing edge of their product in a highly informative manner. They can also communicate well to their trusting customers worldwide and get updated with their news and product innovations.

Link Exchanges

Link exchange or commonly reciprocal linking is often used when one’s site is quite new. The objective is to get links from high-PR sites in exchange of linking back some target keywords from these sites. However, Google Pagerank Algorithm is penalizing every outbound link. Pagerank value will be slightly diminished as more links going out from one’s site to a number of other websites. Thus, it has also become the most discouraged among link building strategies. Use it only whenever necessary and partner site for link exchange should have high-PR value so one’s own website will be pulled up.


Forum sites are created to discuss anything about a particular topic by a number of interested participants in an internet community. Some ideas and words related to target keywords are generally present here so most search engines often crawl these sites for information. Through forum sites, search engine can determine which topics are mostly being discussed by internet users around the world. They would also know which sites are often linked to such subject matter. So some highly specialized topics are being much flooded by links from a number of product-offering websites related to the topic. The more reliable one’s input on the forum could be, the more chances one’s site will be visited and be referred to contain the most relevant information.

Directory Submissions

Directory submission is one of the oldest strategies in link building. Most search engines are often a derivative of a directory site. Here, topic are being categorized level by level so search engine can easily locate which sites are relevant for a certain subject out of the directory’s listings. There are a number of free directory submissions, while other’s need to be paid. Just as any other link building strategies, submitting one’s own site the high-PR directory sites would always be preferable than submitting it massively to some spammy and low-PR directories. Most common inputs for directory submission are website name/title, URL, submitter’s name and email address, and security codes to prevent spamming from automated directory submissions schemes. Submissions are also often moderated by webmasters so better one must submit his site providing very accurate information to prevent rejection.

Social Media Bookmarking

With the advent of Web 2.0 sites popularly known as social media sites, a new habitat of internet users around the world has also been created. In social bookmarking, anyone can link one’s site they know to have contained the most relevant information about a particular topic. Whenever search engines get noticed certain sites to be frequently visible in these social media sites, the more they would get credit and link influence to them.

Social Networking

Social networking gives one’s site the capacity to be propagated to a great number of people using different groups subscribing in a social networking site. More often these groups have either same area of interest or of same geographical situation or can be both. This will help link builder which group they would get listed and promote a website geographically or in terms of relevance.

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Forms of Link Building

There are three forms of link building to date : 1) One-Way Link Building; 2) Two-Way Link Building; 3) Three-Way Link Building. Most search engines crawl a website and save all outgoing links found in there. Then they will check if these links link back to the website. If so, then a two-way link exchange (or reciprocal linking) exists. If not, then a one-way link exists giving more credit to the referred site of the hyperlinked term.

One-Way Link Building

One-way link building is the most ideal form of link building. This will boost the website’s authority for relevance in a particular word or phrase. This can be illustrated briefly as one website term (also called keyword) is being hyperlinked to another target website which describes more about the keyword.

In this way, greater link influence is being credited to website B than website A for such a particular keyword. Ideally, website B is expected to be talking more about the keyword than what website A describes about it.

Two-Way Link Building

Also called reciprocal linking, two-way link building is one of the easiest ways to gain links to other websites. In this way, there exists a correspondence between two websites linking back to each other for each other’s keyword. For example, if website A links ‘keyword1’ to website B, then website B in return would be linking ‘keyword2’ to website A as shown in the following :

Two-way link building is often discouraged when keyword1 is just the same as keyword2 because this would mean search engine algorithm would likely to distribute link influence of the target keyword to both. When both keywords are also closely related, it is also highly probable that the two website would obtain lesser link influence to each other’s keyword. Thus, two-way link building should be minimized as possible to prevent one website to referring to other websites about keywords of interest.

Three-Way Link Building

Three-way link building is uncommonly utilized link building form because it needs three website linking to each other each one having a unique keyword. The following illustration shows how three-way link building can be constructed with three webmasters linking to one other with no reciprocal linking exists in any two of them :

This shows that all three websites get their share of full link influence when their corresponding target keyword is highly unrelated. Furthermore, this form of link building appears to be a one-way link building between website A referring keyword1 to website B, between website B referring keyword2 to website C, and between website C referring keyword3 to website A. Each site boosts its authority for the keyword it is being referred.

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Link Building : Definition and Importance

Link Building is the most extensively used method in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is also the most dynamic area of specialization for SEO with a number of varied approaches link builders can combine, alter, and experiment. Its main objective is to accumulate links to a number of webpages, preferably of high quality, in the world wide web. The more a particular website gains links from other websites, the more it will become popular on the web. The more popular a website will be, the more it will become visible to search engine results pages (SERP) determining the competitive edge of a website in internet marketplace. Link building, therefore, is nothing more than establishing the website’s name and position in the web on some important words or phrase that can be attributed to it.

Link Building Defined

Links of a website are categorized either outbound links (OBL) or inbound links (IBL). Outbound links are links leaking out from the website referring to other websites. Inbound links, on the other hand, are links pointing to or referring to a particular website of interest. In this context, link building is a process of getting as many inbound links possible to one’s own website. Technically speaking, link building is having any word or phrase of interest from websites being hyperlinked to a target website.

Importance of Link Building

The significance of link building revolves mainly on making the website being popular to the set of words or phrases the website is talking about. When a website is excellently describing about a particular subject but is lowly referred by other websites about it, it can never stand a chance to remain in the first page of search engine results pages for a long time. Being on top of search engine listing is crucial among company websites because it determines how well their website and products posted in it will be viewed by internet users (also called traffic) around the world. Traffic, in return, is an important parameter determining the extent of sales in internet marketing.

Being on top of SERP’s of different search engines used around the world relies mainly on the relative visibility of the website to both search engine crawlers (or spiders) and internet users. When spiders often found a hyperlink of a particular word or phrase to a certain website, they will report such information to its search engine. Some search engine devices also detect whether a particular website is often visited by internet users in a certain geographical location when searching for a particular term or phrase. This will also significantly affect the website’s ranking on this term or phrase. Certainly, a website going beyond second page of SERP’s would have lesser visits and sales.

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Tips in Making Successful Website Design for Internet Marketing

Businesses today to their thing in the Internet nowadays, whether small or big, almost all have their website. The Internet is the most flexible ground where marketing goods and services so that it can cater on a global scale. As long as visibility is properly built, and popularity in the niche one belongs to is achieved, surely a business will have enough necessary factors to succeed.

Yes, the Web provides a very good way to advertise or market businesses but the competition may also be too tough. One must earn credibility in order to draw more visitors for a website. In the niche one belongs, perhaps at least a million of competitors are present. Thus, it is very hard to succeed if the right promotion is lacking.

Advertising or marketing websites is a very good technique to draw more visitors and is one of the biggest contributor for an online business success.However, the basics still play an important role, such as content and Website design.

Content can make your website dominate the market. It should be interesting and offering all information or facts that your visitors wants to know. Your write-ups is your weapon in convincing your visitors to avail the products or services your company is offering thus, it must be good.

Website design plays an essential role too. If you have a website that contains great content but still has cluttered presentation, few may want to read it. Furthermore, if your website is too hard to navigate, it will discourage your visitors.

Simplicity is the key. Website design must be user friendly and simple so that your visitors will easily get what they are looking for. Having a good Website design is essential to let your visitors come over and over again to your website and acquire the things you are offering them.
Every aspect of your website is important thus, you need to meticulously know every detail in order for your online business to succeed.

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The Importance of Website Design in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is reaching targets extensively these days. Websites may be small or large businesses but the reality is, in the internet, traffic is very important. The equation of “more traffic, more returns” is still applicable.

How does catching quality traffic vary? It varies according to both search engine optimization techniques used and the website design itself.

Website design is a very essential thing in internet existence. It is the first thing that catches the attention of users before anything else. Website design takes care of the presentation of your business in the World Wide Web. Your site must have a good visual presentation, with accessible and user friendly pages. In these ways, visitors of your website will be inspired to stay, read and acquire the services or products you are offering them.

Here are some points to take note before creating the right website design:


    Figure out your targeted audience. Discover what website design suits their taste.


    The colors to be chosen are the colors that should add to the professionalism of the website.


    The structure of your website should not be too complicated. It should be easy to comprehend and simple to use so that your visitors would not have a hard time navigating in your website.


    Loading time of the website should not take too long. Even a second is precious time in internet browsing. So, you have to make a website design that can load fast.

    The main purpose of Website design is to support the marketing of services or products by your company. Increase your profit by using excellent web designs.

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    The Origin of the Defense of the Ancients ( DOTA)

    DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) is the customized map game of Blizzard’s Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne, the Defense of the Ancients, popularly known in its acronym DoTA. Today, noone possibly can deny DoTA fever throughout the world and became a constant waterloo-threat of most online game creators.

    DoTA was originally created by a legendary mapmaker called just by his alias “Eul” (hence the item Eul’s Scepter of Divinity) on of Warcraft III : Reign of Chaos World Editor. Upon the release of the Frozen Throne expansion, Eul failed to update his map and generous enough to let others develop the map into what we known today as DoTA AllStars by another mapmaker called “Guinsoo” (hence also the item Guinsoo). With the great features of World Editor, DoTA maps was even more creatively developed in the 6.x versions by today’s DoTA AllStars main programmer called “Icefrog”. Until today, Icefrog declares official map editions of DoTA even though many other World Editor mapmakers edit DoTA maps in subtle different ways.

    World Editor is a JASS(J-Asynchronous Scripting Syntax)-based application software used to create and edit 3D game maps in Blizzard ‘s Warcraft III. The mapmaker can custom the game through existing virtual palette for units, buildings structures, terrains, sectors, and cameras views. There is also an added pallete imported from Starcraft’s map editor called doodads (for waters, trees, bushes, boulders, skeletons, fire pits, and others). JASS programmers can specify triggers on how units respond to specific events in the game. These triggers are the building blocks of DoTA’s gameplan. It is the reason why neutral units would retaliate when being attacked and all surrounding enemy units to attack Axe when he pumped the berserker’s call skill. Any instruction from the gamer prompts a trigger and so on with other triggers – a chain reaction of triggers.

    The editor of Warcraft maps and game customs has really surpassed all other forms of game editor in the sense that even novice mapmakers can understand and can easily get along. No wonder why Euls have given up so much inspiration to custom Warcraft games the way we wanted to, and customize the map that we always want to play to – the DoTA AllStars. So before Icefrog customized the most popular version of DoTA AllStars, before Guinsoo updated DoTA into AllStars, and before Euls created the DoTA custom game, the Blizzard programmers had already handed down to us this great World Editor to kick that creativeness out of gamer’s playful minds. Warcraft, in general, and DoTA AllStars, in particular, may not be this dynamic without the World Editor’s provision to enrich the game itself in the farthest way Blizzard could have imagined.

    So, why don’t we make Icefrog as another item like Euls and Guinsoo? The challenge is for us to take that great lead of improving and DoTA AllStars with the World Editor.

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    Custom Logo Design Made Easy

    The company logo is an important element in running a business. A logo is the identity of a business as well as that business’s products or services being offered. It is very essential to take note on some things when it comes to custom logo design of a business company so that a company is well-represented through it.

    A logo should be something that can be easily remembered to a person’s mind. It is very essential that a company should carefully select the right logo. From color to font, everything should be in detailed. Below are some things that you need to consider in customizing a logo.


    Colors to be used in making a logo should not be composed of several non-complementary colors. This may create problems when printing. So, using basic colors can be very helpful.


    Bear in mind that a logo should still look nice if printed in black and white. It is because there are also unavoidable circumstances that you will be printing your company logo with black and white ink. This happens usually when photocopying or faxing.


    Make your company logo as simple as possible but not compromising its looks; it should give the impression of professionalism. A simple logo can be easily identified by a person’s memory. This would be treasured by most people.


    Images should be carefully studied and selected to make sure that they appropriately represent the services or products that your company offers.


    Fonts should be simple to make it readable even by people with slightly defective eyes. Lower case fonts in the past are very popular because it gives the impression to the beholder that your company is customer-friendly.

    Uniqueness is the first priority above all. Hiring a logo designer is not a waste of time if the result meets your standards. A designer that can appropriately make a custom logo design for your company – the one that is really good in representing the symbols of your company – is perfect.

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